Ian Cockburn is a painter, illustrator and graphic artist.

He mostly works in oils, watercolours and pen and ink and specializes in landscapes, portraits and scenes from the imagination. He enjoys taking on commissions.

He is inspired by the colours and shapes in the landscapes and townscapes around him, whether his hometown of Leeds; Shropshire, the county of his birth; or memories of holidays around the world. He has studied Art History at degree level, and has particularly learned from the Renaissance, Classical art, Romantic art, the Impressionists, Post-Impressionists, Expressionists, Fauvists, Art Nouveau, the book illustration tradition, as well as cartoonists, caricaturists and comic artists.

He has put out self-published comics and is keen to undertake the drawing of others’ comic scripts as well as other illustration jobs.

He is also a singer-songwriter, with his band The Seven Inches and his solo project Ian Cockburn and the Whole World.