Drawstrings Exhibition: 27th May-10th June

Tiny bird 2

Hello, thanks for visiting.

I have an exhibition of pen and ink drawings at the moment at The Old Red Bus Station, a bar and venue in Leeds. You’ll find it at 101-105 Vicar Lane. The show runs until June 10th.

The drawings range from surreal and mysterious works of the imagination to impressions of people drawn from life or photographs, albeit loosely or in a stylised way. Some of the images you can see in the “Pen and Ink” section of the site, but some are newly made for the show. I have called the show “drawstrings” since some of the line work was intended to capture the spontaneity of loose string left scattered across a surface.

Please drop in and have a look if you are in the area. All feedback welcome.

drawstrings flyer